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Why start tomorrow when you can start today?

Get trained online!

Offering virtual dance packages and live one-on-ones!

Twinkle Toes Today, the renowned online dance company, has introduced a heartfelt initiative aimed at supporting families facing financial hardships. In a gesture of compassion and inclusivity, they are extending special discounts and even free lessons to families in need. This initiative not only underscores their commitment to making dance accessible to all but also serves as a beacon of hope during challenging times.


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All About Ms. Jen

Family: Miss Jenn lives in Des Plaines with her husband, 15 year old son and 3 year old daughter!

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: Pizza!

Fun Fact: In high school, Miss Jenn’s nickname was “Mighty Mouse.” She says, “Though I’m tiny, I love to dance fierce!”

Favorite Dance Memory: “Traveling to Paris for the Universal Dance Association-Represent Illinois event!”

Favorite Part of Teaching: “I love seeing my students grow. The best thing is seeing a big smile on their faces when they accomplish something; it’s PRICELESS!”

All About What We Do

I’ve been offering comprehensive private and group lessons in Chicago since 2012. My job has always been a passion for me, and it brings me joy to be able to share this passion with my students. From day one, they learn important foundational techniques to help them boost their skills and self-esteem. Each person has a unique learning style, and it’s my duty to find out what that is and adapt my lessons accordingly. Are you looking for private  or group adult lessons? Do you have a child who loves to move? Do you have a teen with an upcoming audition? 

Contact me today to learn how I can help you achieve your goals.


A Natural Instructor

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"Our family has known Ms. Jenn for several years now. My oldest daughter started working with her in 2015. Soon thereafter, she also began instructing our youngest daughter. We were so impressed with Ms. Jenn right away. My husband and I remarked about how she was extremely patient, compassionate, passionate, and kind. These are qualities that are vital when working with children. On top of that, we were in total awe of her skill level and felt that she is exceptionally gifted! So much so that I, myself, joined her adult hip hop class! This was an amazing milestone for me, as I am a brain tumor survivor who, at one point, could not walk without the assistance of a cane and walker. My children are now 10 years old and almost 18 years old and their lives have been forever changed because of Ms. Jenn. As a result of her impact on their lives, they will forever be passionate about dance! Thank you, Ms. Jenn, for everything that you have done and that you continue to do! We are forever grateful!"

~Dr. Karen Thames, Des Plaines, IL

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